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Archive of posts tagged Linux

Vyatta – Open Networking

Having recently upgraded my internet to a faster speed (10mbit down/0.5mbit up) my trusty little Cisco 831 was no longer able to keep up with the routing/NAT requirements.  As a result I was forced to look into other options for routing.  There was no way I was not going to go back to my Linksys […]

Convert Linux Software RAID1 to RAID5

Update 2012/03/26: There has been some interesting discussion in the comments below regarding whether this process would work with newer version of the linux MD metadata.  Please read and be careful! So I came across an interesting dilemma today;  I needed to expand a Linux Software-RAID volume for a client.  Now conventional wisdom will tell […]

Tab Auto-completion in Ubuntu Server

Just a quick one today.  After installing the latest edition of Ubuntu 9.10 into a virtual machine I discovered that tab auto-completion was missing for apt-get and most other more advanced forms of the useful time saver.  After a whole lot of searching on the topic, I found in an Ubuntu Launchpad bug fix thread […]