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Ubuntu open-vm tools on VMware

Just a quick one today.  I have been using Ubuntu Server as a staple for linux virtual machines on VMware as it is stable, and fast.  I don’t like using the VMware based vmware tools, as I find it can break things on occasion.  Open-VM Tools is a good substitute as it is based on the opensource […]

Patching ESXi through SSH

Sometimes it might be necessary to patch an ESXi host through SSH for various reasons, some of which might include: You are using the free edition of ESXi and don’t want to download the vSphere CLI package You need to update a remote ESXi host and only have access to SSH through VPN The host […]

VMware Error: Unable to communicate with the remote host, since it is disconnected.

I ran into an interesting issue today when I had to move my VMware ESXi lab back to the basement.  My lab consists of three servers; two ESXi 4.0 nodes and an Openfiler 2.3 iSCSI SAN.  To power the beast down, I would normally power down all virtual machines, then power down the ESXi nodes, […]