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Ubuntu open-vm tools on VMware

Just a quick one today.  I have been using Ubuntu Server as a staple for linux virtual machines on VMware as it is stable, and fast.  I don’t like using the VMware based vmware tools, as I find it can break things on occasion.  Open-VM Tools is a good substitute as it is based on the opensource […]

Patching ESXi through SSH

NOTE: As of ESXi 5.x some of the following no longer works!  See comments for more info. Sometimes it might be necessary to patch an ESXi host through SSH for various reasons, some of which might include: You are using the free edition of ESXi and don’t want to download the vSphere CLI package You […]

VMware Error: Unable to communicate with the remote host, since it is disconnected.

I ran into an interesting issue today when I had to move my VMware ESXi lab back to the basement.  My lab consists of three servers; two ESXi 4.0 nodes and an Openfiler 2.3 iSCSI SAN.  To power the beast down, I would normally power down all virtual machines, then power down the ESXi nodes, […]