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Goals for 2011

For the past few years I have set “open ended” goals and targets for myself to achieve during the course of the year.  I start each new year full of energy and ideas on what I should be doing as far as career, certification, and my personal life.  However I am a world class procrastinator and as such, am annually disappointed by my lack of achievement of these goals (a procrastinator such as myself will put off being disappointed until it’s absolutely necessary, such as a new year’s resolution list!)

As a result, I’ve decided to compile a list of Goals I’d like to achieve for 2011.  Whilst these goals may change over time, the plan is to end the year without disappointment!  So without further ado, here are my goals for 2011:


  1. Cisco CCNA certification
  2. HP StorageWorks Certification
    • This is a complicated one and more of an employer focus for me.  It (presently) consists of the following:
      • AIS StorageWorks [2008] – Completed June 9, 2011
      • ASE StorageWorks [2011]
      • Master ASE StorageWorks [2008]
  3. Complete Citrix CCEE certification
  4. Start VMware VCP 4 certification
    • This one depends on my employer, as they’ll have to send me away for a week for training ;)


These goals are more for my own reference and have no real bearing on my technical/IT goals:

  1. Keep track of my expenditure and accounts
  2. Procrastinate less!
  3. Read at lest 1 non-technical book per month (or so)
    • I recently came to the shocking realization that I have not read a single book for pleasure since early 2007 when I first moved to Canada.  Since then it’s been all technical manuals and online reading!  I’ll keep a separate page on my blog to keep track of this.

Thanks to Aaron over at Aaron’s Worthless Words for the great idea for publishing my 2011 goals.  It’s a great idea and  to a certain degree allows me to keep myself in constant check.


  1. Aaron says:

    What’s your status, Adam? :)

    • Adam says:

      Well, good news! I went to HP Discover 2011 in Vegas and took advantage of their 5 free exams for conference atendees. I have attained the HP AIS: Storageworks 2008, and am now 1 exam away from the ASE: Storageworks 2011.

      Enough HP though! I’m going to book my first Cisco CCNA when the damn Vue website comes back up!

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