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Ubuntu open-vm tools on VMware

Just a quick one today.  I have been using Ubuntu Server as a staple for linux virtual machines on VMware as it is stable, and fast.  I don’t like using the VMware based vmware tools, as I find it can break things on occasion.  Open-VM Tools is a good substitute as it is based on the opensource offerings from VMware.  It is a simple install using apt-get:

apt-get install --no-install-recommends linux-headers-virtual open-vm-dkms open-vm-tools

The “–no-install-recommends” disables the selection of all the X components, which will essentially install the whole gnome desktop environment if it’s missing on an Ubuntu server; something we don’t want on a server!

This package provides the vmxnet hardware, as well as the majority of the other VMware Tools functionality (Shutdown, Restart etc).

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