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New hosting

After being plagued with downtime issues with, I’ve moved the blog off of my home cable connection onto a dedicated hosting provider.

Originally, I was hosting the website on an Ubuntu 10.04 based virtual machine in my home VMware lab.  The problem with this setup is, well, it’s a lab.  Accordingly, I break it regularly, sometime intentionally, sometimes not, making it a less than ideal environment for a blog with some semi-regular readers.  In addition to the stability issues, my home cable connection’s upload speed is slow (500kbit) which is too slow for hosting a blog like this.

Fingers crossed everything will be okay going forward!  Now I just need to learn to post more regularly…

Also, I recently bid on and won the “” domain.   For now I have set this up to forward to An interesting trip into the back water world of domain auctioning.

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