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Lack of posts

G’day All.

Apologies for the lack of poting recently.  I started a new job recently and have been very busy getting up to speed there.  I’m still working in a Systems Engineering/Architecting role, however I have moved away from an AD/Exchange/Citrix focus and into a storage and virtualization focus; right up my alley!

I’m working on a few personal projects and related blog posts at the moment.  While my focus remains on Vyatta and VMware, I’ll be doing some “personal projects” including upgrading my aging SAN at home.  Presently I have a 2U TYAN server with a total capacity of ~3.5TB (6 drive trays), and running OpenFiler, a linux based iSCSI/NFS/SMB appliance distribution.  Overall I have been quite happy with OpenFiler, but recently I’ve had varying issues with the setup, including running out of space for VMware.  My plan is to install a new server using a 4U Norco 24 drive tray server case, and install Solaris with ZFS and COMSTAR being used for storage.  The existing TYAN server will be retired to a simple “backup server” role.

More on this soon, I promise!

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