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Vyatta Excel Firewall Rule Generator

Vyatta is fantastic as a routing product, but one thing I always hate is having to maintain firewall rules. The web interface makes managing rules cumbersome and the command line, whilst the best way to create rules, is hopeless if you need to re-order, re-number or do any of these types of tasks. To be fair, this is a problem on most routers and is not specific to Vyatta itself.

To ease my pain, I have put together an excel spreadsheet with supporting macros that reduces the burden of creating, maintaining and adding firewall rules. It allows you to create most rules straight through the spreadsheet, with a fair degree of input validation built right in. I have tried to encompass as much of the firewall configuration options available from the Vyatta CLI straight into the spreadsheet.

The best part is the macro behind the scenes that will present a form and text box with your CLI commands ready to copy and paste into your console window.

Please test and give me any feedback on bugs, irritations or suggestions in the comments area. I must confess that I have never done any Excel VBA programming before, so there may be better or more efficient ways to code the back end. If you have any suggestions on the VBA code, let me know :)

Note 1: I created this in Excel 2010, but it should be backwards compatible with Excel 2007. If there is enough demand, I’ll port it back to the Office 97-2003 format as well.

Note 2: I have protected the worksheet, preventing any changes to any part of the spreadsheet, except for data entry positions. There is no password however, so feel free to un-protect and mess around. Please send me any changes or suggestions you come up with and I’ll incorporate into the next release.

Download: xlsmVyatta Firewall Generator, 0.1


  1. Ash says:

    Nice one – looks to work quite well. This would also be useful to have in a DR scenario – save a sheet per appliance & you have all your configs quickly available to stand a new one up.

  2. stig says:

    Pretty cool. I added a link to this page on Vyatta’s user submitted tutorials page

  3. ipforce says:

    I downloaded, but am I missing something or is there a file missing? There is no xcel file.

  4. Andrew Smyth says:

    Hi, sounds JUST like what I want – but I have Excel 2007, and it does not seem to understand the files at all. When I unzip the files, what file am I supposed to open?

  5. Andrew Smyth says:

    Ok Adam. Not seeing what you say I should see… When I click the download link, I definitely get a .zip file.
    The file is called:

    I can extract this file, and it contains folders and files, but nothing that Excel likes the look of.

    I have looked at your XLSX information link, and I see that it says that the format xlsm incorporates the zip format. So, on a hunch, I renamed the downloaded file to add the .xlsm extension.

    Shazam! It worked. I can then open the file in excel 2007, and it all looks great.

    So, to Ipforce, and others like me out there, it seems that somewhere along the line the extension has changed itself to .zip, and if you change it back to .xlsm it works fine.

  6. Andrew Smyth says:

    Just a quick follow up – the spreadsheet is fantastic. Thanks very much for making this available!

  7. Mark says:

    Hi Adam
    Great spreadsheet – thanks for your hard work. You have saved me several hours today :)

    I ran into a couple of small problems however -

    The last few columns are being ignored – the config generator code selects up to column P but should select up to column W to catch the Fragment, ICMP, TCP and Limit settings (very easily fixed)

    Also, it’s not possible to use groups in the source or destination address. I tried putting “group address-group web-servers” in column F but the generated output ends up as: “set firewall name rule 280 source address group address-group web-servers” (note the extra “address” between “source” and “group”. That little gotcha is not so easily fixed I fear.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work :)

  8. Evan says:

    An IPv6 check box or selector would be nice. It’s just a matter of changing the “name” to “ipv6-name”

  9. Andy Lauppe says:

    This is fantastic. I wrote an UGLY suite of php scripts I use against csv files for dnat and snat rules, but this is much elegant. MUCH more elegant.


  10. Bill Huber says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I got the spreadsheet to work in Excel 2003 without doing anything special. My process to get it to work was to save the file, unblock the file, let Excel 2003 convert the spreadsheet, and enable the macros. When I clicked on the button I got the popup popup window shown above. Pretty cool!

  11. Robert says:

    I am not running this product, but have downloaded to take a test run. I ran across this spreadsheet and I am impressed as that is some fancy (to me) excel work.

    Also, Andrew Smyth is correct and this too surprises me as you can create a copy (to not damage the source) and rename to .zip and sure enough you have files and folders BROWSEABLE! I never knew this was possible either.

    I can only imagine the amount of work this must have taken, but good job and thanks for sharing!

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