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Archive of posts filed under the Linux category.

Ubuntu open-vm tools on VMware

Just a quick one today.  I have been using Ubuntu Server as a staple for linux virtual machines on VMware as it is stable, and fast.  I don’t like using the VMware based vmware tools, as I find it can break things on occasion.  Open-VM Tools is a good substitute as it is based on the opensource […]

ZFS SAN: Growing pains

As I mentioned previously, I’m outgrowing my existing OpenFiler SAN which I’ve been using for several years now.  It has a capacity of ~3.5TB and is used as an iSCSI target for my VMware Lab, as well as general file storage.  It has been plagued with consistency problems as growing pains, requiring major “fork lift” […]

Troubleshooting Vyatta Upgrade Interface Issues

I encountered a strange issue when upgrading one of my 3 Vyatta routers from v6.0 to v6.1 today.  The first two routers upgraded their images without incident and came up fine after reboot.  The final router installed the new image fine, however did not come up cleanly on reboot.  I could still ping the device […]

Vyatta – Open Networking

Having recently upgraded my internet to a faster speed (10mbit down/0.5mbit up) my trusty little Cisco 831 was no longer able to keep up with the routing/NAT requirements.  As a result I was forced to look into other options for routing.  There was no way I was not going to go back to my Linksys […]

Convert Linux Software RAID1 to RAID5

Update 2012/03/26: There has been some interesting discussion in the comments below regarding whether this process would work with newer version of the linux MD metadata.  Please read and be careful! So I came across an interesting dilemma today;  I needed to expand a Linux Software-RAID volume for a client.  Now conventional wisdom will tell […]

Tab Auto-completion in Ubuntu Server

Just a quick one today.  After installing the latest edition of Ubuntu 9.10 into a virtual machine I discovered that tab auto-completion was missing for apt-get and most other more advanced forms of the useful time saver.  After a whole lot of searching on the topic, I found in an Ubuntu Launchpad bug fix thread […]